Visit To Moscow

Samsun Logistics Center(SLC) was present at the 22nd International Transportation, Logistics Services and Technologies Fair in Moscow, Russia with a group of experts.

Visit To MoscowKey experts of the project Irfan Erdim and Andrey Tokarev had the chance to observe logistics developments in place and get in contact with sector representatives from 25 different countries who attended the fair. 

Briefing on the visit to the fair, Irfan Erdim stated that they were mainly in touch with logistics firms that conduct operation with Novorossiysk port. ‘There are cold storage rooms, storehouses and port-connected warehouses in the region. They, at the same time, provide domestic transportation of goods. The main problem in Russia is customs clearence. Customs procedure there may take long and come at surprise costs. Therefore, it is vital to find companies that have the ability to quick-solve customs problems. Our main goal is to take that step a little further and bring those companies to Samsun Logistics Center.’ said Mr. Erdim. 

Having said that Samsun Logistics Center would be advantageous for Russian and specifically Iranian logistics sector, Erdim also added that they had the opportunity to introduce SLC to Iranian companies at the Moscow fair. 

Irfan Erdim continued his remarks as follows:
‘There has been past studies found about the link between Samsun and Russia. Although there are parts that are broken and need to be developed, the Samsun-Iran railroad is an effective route. However, we still would like to connect Samsun to Mersin with a railway and from there on, bring forward products that can provide flow of goods through the lines stretching from the South to the Far East. These are some of the potential operations which we believe would add value to Samsun in the future.’

At this 3-day fair, Andrey Tokarev who had the important task to introduce SLC to Russian companies mentioned the fact that having no working lines currently between Samsun and Russia was a disadvantage. He further added that it was a must to establish lines running directly between Samsun, initially, and ports in the Black sea area. ‘Sending and receiving container ships and roro to/from Novorossiysk, Odessa/Ilichicsk and Constanza would add value to Samsun. We will continue our work in order to establish such improvements in Samsun’ stated Tokarev.