SLC Kick Off

The initial meeting of the Technical Support Project for the Samsun Logistics Center was held on 8 August in Samsun in RDA.

SLC Kick OffAfter the overview of the project, the responsibilities of the project parties and the overview of the contract . Operational topics are handled at the meeting. Respectively;
  • Entry period
  • Installation of the office
  • Meetings and timelines (Steering Committee, Progress, Consultation ...)
  • Reports (Start, Intermediate and Result)
  • Approval procedures (Non-Key experts, small expenses, time-sheets)
  • Drafts
  • Residence and work permits
  • Contract renovation
  • Communication channels and the language
topics handled…
In addition to the visibility rules, the financial procedures were examined in the meeting, and the starting kick for the Samsun Logistics Center was of great importance for the city and country economy.