SLC Fast Introduction To The Sector

Samsun, one of the decisive cities in Turkey's logistics area with its strategic location meeting the four transportation infrastructure, its potential for agriculture and industry, closeness to international relations network, being upon the energy corridors and so on , is confidently walking to its target in this area.

SLC Fast Introduction To The SectorSamsun Logistics Centre participated in the 10th International Logitrans Transport Logistics Fair held this year and it was deemed worthy of the jury special prize in the best project category while the works for establishing a logistics center in international standards were approached.

The Samsun Logistics Centre, which rises in Tekkeköy to make Samsun a landmark in national and international markets, took its place among the world giants of every sector  at Logitrans Transport International Logistics Fair held in Istanbul Expo Centre.

The Samsun Logistics Centre, which was awarded the jury special prize, became the centre of attention of the sector, while seventh Atlas Logistics Awards were held at the same time Samsun Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, who is the Chairman of Samsun National and International Logistics Centre Management Company, was awarded the jury special award in the fair which 220 participant companies from 22 countries participated and more than 15 domestic and foreign participant profiles from 54 countries visited. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Coşkun Öncel took the award on behalf of him.

At the fair, aiming to create new opportunities and added value for the development of the sector, Samsun Logistics Centre had the opportunity to introduce itself to local, foreign companies and visitors by opening a stand.The Samsun Logistics Centre, located 15 km from the city centre, 20 km from Samsun Port main entrance and 10 km from Çarşamba Airport, is rising on the 680.000 square meter area.

The centre which is in construction in Tekkeköy  will have a warehouse area of 80.000 square meters on the first phase. The giant investment, which includes the truck park, the container park, the railway line and outbuildings, the public and social facilities, the customs services, the petrol station and all other necessary infrastructure will be completed in August next year.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality will be operated by Samsun Municipality, Tekkeköy Municipality with 10 per cent, Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry with 25 percent, Samsun Commodity Exchange with 15 per cent and Samsun Central Organized Industrial Zone with 10 per cent share in the centre to be operated by Samsun National and International Logistics Centre Operation Corporation.

The Samsun Logistics Center project is supported by the regional competitiveness operational program, which is the program authority of the Ministry of Science and Technology and is the single largest budget funded project supported by the European Union at the commission level in our country.
SLC Fast Introduction To The Sector
SLC Fast Introduction To The Sector