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Construction of Samsun port in Samsun started in 1954 when railway network was connected in 1926. Toros Port became operational in 2005, Samsun Port was privatized in 2008 and Yeşilyurt Port started to serve. Samsun has a great logistical potential as the gate of Anatolia to the Black Sea.

For the first time, on March 5th, 2009, In a meeting Samsun Metropolitan Municipality convention area ,the establishment of a logistic village in Samsun was brought to the agenda.

With the two congresses held on May 27, 2010, a working group for Samsun Logistics village project was provided. Samsun Municipality of Commerce and Industry, Provincial Special Administration, Samsun Municipality, OKA Mid-Black Sea Development Agency in December 2010 prepared by the business unit of the TR-83 Logistics Master Plan in line with the strategic steps have been determined. The Master Plan has been prepared with the aim of becoming a strategic center linking the Black Sea to the Mediterranean and the Middle East through the completion of the railway and highway infrastructures in the north and south of the country and becoming the logistic center of the countries in the Black Sea region.

The "Samsun Logistic Village Project" initiated by provincial institutions as of 2011 has emerged as a product of these studies.

With the approval of the Feasibility Study of Samsun Specialized Logistics Organized Industrial Zone dated March 2012, prepared after the master plan, An application has been prepared in order to effectively use the new budget facilities provided by the Regional Competitiveness Operational Program (BROP), which is the "Program Authority" of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, for Samsun effectively.

Samsun Logistic Village Project has been awarded as the only major project with the highest budget and it is a great example of success with 45.000.000 Euro budget.

Logistic village construction started on February 2016. It is targeted to be completed in the 3rd quarter of 2017.
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