Samsun Logistics Centre

Samsun Logistics Center is one of the most important facilities of "logistics sector" in our country.

The logistics sector plays an important role in the economic and social development of Samsun city, Black Sea region and our country. Samsun has the potential of being an import and export gate for about 600 million people living in Eastern Europe, Turkey, Black Sea countries, Middle East, Central Asian countries.

Samsun Logistics Center targets to provide transportation, warehousing, distribution and intermodal transportation facilities for companies that provide logistics services to the region and new entrepreneurs who will invest in the logistics sector.The Logistics Center is rising in Samsun, an advantageous region in that it is the point where four different transportation are combined as to its location. Approximately 15 km east of the city center, it is located near the town of Tekkeköy. It is 20 km from Samsun Port, 2.5 km from Yesilyurt and Toros Ports, and 10 km from Çarşamba Airport. The Samsun-Ordu highway, the main transport corridor in the Black Sea region, passes 1.8 km north of the Samsun Logistics Center. The railway line connecting Anatolia to the Black Sea is also connected to the Samsun Logistics Center.

Samsun Logistics Center will be managed by Samsun National and International Logistics Center Operation Corporation. In the management of the Logistics Center; Samsun Governorship Investment Monitoring and Coordination Department 20 percent, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality 20 percent, Tekkeköy Municipality 10 percent, Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry 25 percent, Samsun Commodity Exchange 15 percent, Samsun Central Industrial Zone 10 percent shares.

Within the scope of Samsun Logistics Center Project; It is also possible to use different sizes of warehouses, social facilities and administrative buildings, offices for freight forwarders, fire stations, service stations, fuel stations, weighbridge units, security buildings, container parking areas, lorry and truck parking areas, passenger parking areas, railway stations and customs service offices it consists. The total area of the center is approximately 680 thousand m².

With the realization of the project; Mainly logistics companies, industrialists, wholesalers and SMEs can lease the storage facilities in the Logistics Center and can benefit from services such as truck parking area, container storage area, loading and unloading areas. Our clients can use our offices in our social facilities and administrative offices. In our logistics center, we have machinery and equipment park for all kinds of handling. The investment of Samsun Logistics Center is a project supported by the Competitive Sectors Program run by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.
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